Europe's first Longevity Medical Center

Biocannovea Longevity Medical Center
Dr. Med. University of Johann Hörbinger
General practitioner, private doctor/elective doctor
Fleischmarkt 26, 1010 Vienna

New therapeutic options in functional medicine in Vienna

The physician-managed Biocannovea Longevity Medical Center in Vienna is the first of its kind in Europe. Biocannovea has a uniquely comprehensive “Medical longevity” method developed: a combination of the latest technologies.

In the first step, a process of diagnostics and immunoanalysis At the cutting edge of research, in a second step therapeutic measures, which take into account the body's most important needs, in the third step Restoring strength and Stress resilience.

Medical longevity — highly specialized medical focus

The uniqueness and added value of Biocannovea lie in its comprehensive and highly specialized range of analyses and therapies aimed at individually optimising health and longevity.

Investigating causes instead of suppressing symptoms

Medical longevity means strengthening the immune system and thus enabling the body to self-regulate. Only when the causes of an illness are identified can sustainable health be regained and the aging process slowed down.

This requires comprehensive diagnostics to eliminate all burdens that have accumulated over the course of life: alleviate inflammatory processes, eliminate toxic loads, fill up nutritional deficiencies, reduce neurostress and restore intestinal health. All of these are the pillars of Medical Longevity treatment at Biocannovea; they give the body the opportunity to regain balance and noticeably improve the quality of life.

Pioneering medical work against the aging process

The medical concept for the Biocannovea Longevity Medical Center was developed by Martin Krupitza: He is a nutritionist, alternative practitioner and functional medicine expert and trainer.

- Martin Krupitsa
“With our wide range of diagnostic tools, we approach each patient individually at every age and use immunoanalysis to see which intervention we need to take.”

Intravenous heavy metal elimination therapy

Individually clarified exposure to heavy metals and environmental toxins is targeted and efficiently eliminated through proven reintravenous therapy that is effective up to 30 times. price on request

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ozone infusion therapy

Strengthen the immune system throughout the body through antibodies in the blood. Targeted ozone accumulation in the blood has antibacterial and antiviral effects and inhibits allergy-causing mechanisms. Optimizing oxygen transport has been shown to improve individual blood flow throughout the body.

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Vaguzvit infusion therapy

Stress level measurement to stabilize physical and psychological resilience potential. Detailed individual analysis of the autonomic nervous system and heart rate variability including infusion therapy to stabilize and optimize the analysis results.

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Covid-19 antibody test

Precise antibody analysis for individual immune status (including certificate and laboratory findings)
Reliable laboratory diagnostics to determine the individual antibody concentration after vaccination/recovery from a Covid-19 infection (also asymptomatic — even a typical flu within the last 48 months may show a possible antibody concentration). A negative result is also valid for the Green Pass.

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Immune boost infusion therapy

A strong immune system by reactivating the body's own cell metabolism
High-dose micronutrients, trace elements and amino acids stimulate cell metabolism and accelerate the development of a highly effective immune system

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Ketamine therapy for stress

If all these tools remove the stress in the body and enable the immune system to regulate itself again, intervention may still be necessary on a psychological-emotional level. Biocannovea therefore offers a remarkable range of services to resolve stress and trauma and overcome mental blockages. Medical ketamine therapy was developed for this purpose: Ketamine is an anesthetic substance that puts people in a slightly psychedelic state. Ketamine improves the neuroplasticity of the brain, new neural connections can be created and the function of neurotransmitters can be improved. Ketamine has an immediate antidepressant effect. Biocannovea uses hypnotic ketamine psychotherapy to uncover the emotional causes of illnesses and lead them to healing.

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Hi! I'm Saman
Biocannovea's pioneering therapies and innovations played a crucial role in improving my health and wellbeing and enabled me to perform at my best in preparation for the Olympics. Their personalized approach and science-based products significantly improved my endurance, recovery, and mental resilience and set a new standard in helping athletes.

The bioavailability of our dietary supplements is up to 95%

Unique process:
The micellation process used to manufacture our products is a unique, natural method of making fat-soluble substances and vitamins water-soluble.

Higher bioavailability:

This process enables significantly higher bioavailability. The average value for fat-soluble substances is between 4-20%. Depending on the vital substance, water-soluble Biocannovea products can therefore be absorbed by the body significantly better than conventional dietary supplements.

Our bestsellers

With innovative micellar technology, high-quality ingredients, a comprehensive service concept and a focus on sustainability, Biocannovea is setting new standards in the world of dietary supplements.
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