IHHT Interval Hypoxia Hyperoxia Training at Biocannovea: The key to a healthier and more powerful life

IHHT is an innovative training method that uses the body's own adaptation mechanisms to improve health and performance. By using hypoxic (oxygen-poor) and hyperoxic (oxygen-rich) stimuli alternately, IHHT stimulates the production of red blood cells, optimizes oxygen supply and promotes regeneration.

Biocannovea IHHT:
The result

In a world that is increasingly characterized by stress, lack of exercise and environmental pollution, we are longing for new ways to improve our health and performance. that Interval hypoxia hyperoxia training (IHHT) Biocannovea could be just the solution you're looking for. IHHT is based on an innovative method that uses the body's own adaptation mechanisms to optimize oxygen supply and utilization. By using hypoxic (oxygen-poor) and hyperoxic (oxygen-rich) stimuli alternately, IHHT stimulates the production of red blood cells, promotes mitochondrial function and optimizes energy production at the cellular level.

The benefits of IHHT training with Biocannovea:

1. Improved oxygen utilization:
More efficient mitochondrial function: IHHT stimulates the formation of new mitochondria, the powerhouses of cells. This results in optimised energy production and use in the body. Increased red blood cell count: Hypoxia during exercise promotes the production of red blood cells, which improve oxygen transport in the blood. Increased oxygen uptake and release: The optimized oxygen supply leads to improved performance in all areas, from sport to mental work.

2. Increased efficiency:
Improved stamina: The increased oxygen utilization enables longer and more intensive exercise. Increased strength: The muscles can convert more energy and therefore perform better. Faster recovery: The optimized oxygen supply and mitochondrial function promote faster recovery after training.

3. Health promotion:
Strengthening the immune system:
IHHT can strengthen the body's immune system and thus reduce the risk of infections. Improved cardiovascular health: The optimized oxygen supply has a positive effect on heart and vascular health. Support for various conditions: IHHT can provide relief for certain conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic pain.

4. Stress reduction and wellbeing:
Relaxation and deceleration: The atmosphere during training and the positive effect on the hormonal balance contribute to reducing stress. Improved wellbeing: IHHT can improve mental wellbeing and contribute to better sleep.

5. Other benefits:
Completely pain-free: IHHT is a gentle and pleasant workout that does not cause pain. Suitable for everyone: IHHT can be done by people of all ages and fitness levels.

In summary, IHHT training at Biocannovea provides a wide range of health, performance and wellbeing benefits.

Areas of application

that Interval hypoxia hyperoxia training (IHHT) at Biocannovea is used to optimize health and performance. Applicable to competitive sports, prevention, therapeutic support and stress management, it offers an innovative method for improving oxygen utilization and promoting wellbeing. With advanced technology and experienced staff, Biocannovea ensures a safe and effective training experience.

IHHT at Biocannovea: Safety and Convenience

IHHT training at Biocannovea is safe and convenient. State-of-the-art device technology and biofeedback control ensure optimum adaptation to the individual needs of the user.

Individual advice: We identify your needs and create a tailor-made training plan.
Modern equipment: State-of-the-art equipment technology for safe and effective training.
Experienced staff: Our experienced staff will accompany you throughout the training.
Comfortable atmosphere: Relax in our pleasant training environment.


FAQs are your point of contact for quick answers about our products and services. Here you will find clear and precise information to help you better understand and make optimal use of our offerings.

Who is IHHT suitable for?

IHHT is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Healthy people can use IHHT to improve their performance and health.

What are the contraindications for IHHT?

IHHT is not suitable for people with certain conditions, such as severe cardiovascular diseases, acute infections, or cancer.

How often should you train IHHT?

The frequency of IHHT training depends on individual goals and needs. As a rule, 1-2 training sessions per week are recommended.

How long does an IHHT workout take?

The duration of an IHHT workout is usually 30-60 minutes.