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“Health is people's greatest asset” — no saying could better express the guiding principle of our Biocannovea corporate philosophy!

Our unique selling point

Biocannovea's unequivocal USP lies in Combining longevity with a strong medical focus. This medical aspect within the topic of longevity offers a clear positioning and distinguishes Biocannovea from other players in the market. Biocannovea's USP lies in its comprehensive and highly specialized range of analyses and therapies aimed at optimising health and longevity.

The bioavailability of our dietary supplements is up to 95%

Unique process:
The micellation process used to manufacture our products is a unique, natural method of making fat-soluble substances and vitamins water-soluble.

Higher bioavailability:

This process enables significantly higher bioavailability. The average value for fat-soluble substances is between 4-20%. Depending on the vital substance, water-soluble Biocannovea products can therefore be absorbed by the body significantly better than conventional dietary supplements.

Our bestsellers

With innovative micellar technology, high-quality ingredients, a comprehensive service concept and a focus on sustainability, Biocannovea is setting new standards in the world of dietary supplements.
Incense soluble in water
29.90 EUR
OPC grape seed extract
29.90 EUR
Vitamin D3+K2 soluble in water
29.90 EUR