HHO — Blood Purification: Much more than just detoxification

The hemo-hyper-oxygenation perfusion — HHO uniquely combines the process elements hemoperfusion (blood purification), hyperthermia (heat therapy) and oxygenation (oxygen therapy) both for the treatment of cancer, lyme disease, co-infections, numerous chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases or large amounts of heavy metal contamination as well as for the removal of environmental toxins and microplastics, with sequelae resulting from its use also being able to treat secondary diseases.

The 3 process pillars of hemo-hyper-oxygenation perfusion

HHO - Effective & Gentle
With HHO, numerous complaints can be treated effectively and at the same time with particularly few side effects.

What is the difference between normal apheresis and HHO®

Hemoperfusion (adsorption) in the context of HHO differs from apheresis in that Purification of whole blood. During an aperesis (absorption), only the blood plasma separated by a filter is purified. In hemoperfusion, the entire volume of blood is removed from the body and then filtered through an external device to remove toxins or other substances before it is returned to the body. Hemoperfusion is usually used to treat poisoning or drug overdoses or to remove high levels of substances such as potassium or urea from the blood.

HHO® has been used successfully for the following indications:

ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome)
Contamination, heavy metals, environmental toxins
autoimmune diseases (multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, Hashimoto thyroiditis, etc.)
Lyme disease
liver disease
lung disease (ARDS)
kidney disease
Suspicion of multiple organ failure
Exposure to heavy metals
rheumatic diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, gout, etc.)

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HHO is a safe and effective treatment option, although it may involve some risks and complications, such as allergic reactions, bleeding, or infections.